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5 Indoor Plants To Freshen Up Your Home

5 Indoor Plants To Freshen Up Your Home

Having plants inside your home not only spruces and livens it up, but also has many benefits. They can help reduce stress, improve your home’s air quality, and help lower background noise—creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

If you want to breathe new life into your home through plants, here are the ones you can start with. They’re all easy to care for and is used to the indoor life.


Crassula ovata or Blue Jade

Blue Jade is popularly used in feng shui to attract prosperity to your home.

Care Manual: This plant will do well in a small pot. Let the soil become dry between each watering. Avoid overwatering, as it could cause the roots to rot. Allow a few hours of sunlight for a happy plant.

Styling: Place them in ceramic pots near your windows. You can also grow them in bonsai-style for a more contemporary look. 


Mother-in-law’s Tongue

This is also called a snake plant, due to its straight leaves and striking lines. This plant is very hard to kill that even a person with a black thumb can grow it. Mother-in-law’s tongue also purifies the air and emits oxygen.

Care Manual: Mother-in-law’s tongue copes well in indirect sunlight and doesn’t need that much watering, especially in winter.

Styling: Depending on its length, it can be placed in various places around the home—a centrepiece for the coffee table or an accent on the living room.


Rubber Plant

Also known as Ficus elastica, the rubber plant has waxy green leaves tinged with red.

Care Manual: Rubber plants should be in a well-lit place, however, it should not be in direct sunlight as it can burn. Do not over-water.

Styling: Rubber plants can be a focal point in the home or an accent, depending on its height. You can go crazy with the pots you choose, as long as it goes together with the rest of your decor.


Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is a climber that grows up to 8 feet indoors. Personally, I like to call this plant the Hipster Ivy—well, because, it looks hipster.

Care Manual: Place this plant in partial shade, as too much light will burn the leaves. You can water this plant sparingly—take care not to overwater it, as the roots could rot.

Styling: Place this plant in a high place—on shelves or countertops, or use a hanging planter.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is a native to tropical countries but easily adapts to new environments—a perfect indoor plant.

Care Manual: Place in a brightly lit spot, but not in the middle of direct sunlight. Water when the topsoil is slightly dry, however, avoid over-watering. Lessen watering during the winter.

Styling: They’re perfect for the tight corners—tall, voluminous, but not bushy. The violin-shaped leaves give a dramatic effect.

You can begin with these plants for a more refreshing home. Go to the nearest plant store and become a fully-fledged plant parent! For more tips, feel free to send me a message any time and I’d love to help!

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