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How To Sell An Older Home

How To Sell An Older Home

Selling an older home can be a challenging task because of its age and condition—lots of buyers can be hesitant. However, with the right mix of preparation and marketing, you can still make a sale. Here are some tips that can help:

Pre-inspection goes a long way.

Act like you’re a buyer and check every corner of your home for any issue that buyers can raise. If you don’t find one—congratulations! But if you do, you should fix them or lower your home’s price. It’s also better if you hire a professional inspector for this.

Immediately set the price right.

Pricing can be tricky, especially in old homes. You should be objective in pricing it—look through recent sales of similar homes and range from there. Do not start with a high price as it can turn off buyers. Put it in the market with its right price immediately.

Your house has a story—tell it.

Tell the history of your home, especially if it’s a period house or has been there for decades. Research its history and produce a booklet you can give buyers. This can be your home’s winning edge against other houses—its story and personality.

Show buyers what’s around.

Aside from featuring your home’s good attributes, you should also highlight what’s around the neighbourhood. For example, mention nearby transport means, schools, parks, restaurants, retail necessities and emergency services in your marketing. Showing these can be a selling point that can win buyers over.

Upgrade, but don’t overdo it.

Home upgrades are important when you’re selling but do it wisely as some big upgrades probably won’t pay off. Focus on smaller and more manageable projects such as painting your walls, new door handles, well-maintained lawn, etc. You don’t have to spend too much to make your home look good.

Your house needs to be "show-ready" at all times.

And when I say at all times, I mean AT ALL TIMES, even in the middle of the night! You’ll never when buyers will show up—and sometimes they arrive with little or no notice. Because of this, your home should always be ready for buyers. Make sure that everything is clean and orderly and that your home has a warm, homely atmosphere. This minor inconvenience can pay off with a sale, so hang in there.

Tip: Brew some coffee or light some scented candles just before viewings—these heavenly scents will make buyers feel at home.

Add freebies to sweeten the deal.

Additions like home warranties or closing credits are very nice, but make your home irresistible by adding more. Leave behind some personal items like a HD flat screen TV, nice kitchen appliances and the like can sweeten the deal.

Good luck with selling! If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s my pleasure to help you.

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