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What to Do With Pets When Your Home is On the Market

What to Do With Pets When Your Home is On the Market

If you’re a pet owner trying to sell your home, you might come across more issues than someone who doesn’t have a pet. Why? Dirt, damage, bad smells from pets can be a big turn-offs for potential buyer.

What can you do?

Here are a few options:

  • House your pet in a boarding house or kennel.

  • Let them stay with a willing friend or family’s house in the meantime.

However, you might not be comfortable in letting your beloved pet be away from you for a long time, especially since you don’t know when your house will sell. To help you, here are some measures you can do:

Let a friend do a smell test.

Through the years, you become desensitised to your pet’s odours so it’s better if you bring in someone to do a whiff test. Start with the garden, the place where the pet’s bedding is placed, or your bedroom, if that’s where they stay.

Deodorise your home.

Once the smell test is done and your friend deems your house, well, stinky, it’s time to deodorise. And no, constantly spraying air freshener won’t cut it. Go to the pet store and buy a specific enzyme cleanser or let a professional cleaner do the work for you.

Keep litter boxes and mats away.

Stash them well away from the buyer’s sight. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before stowing them away. It’s tedious but it’s a better alternative than a potential buyer finding a stinky litter box or a hairy dog bed.

Deep clean.

Simple vacuuming or sweeping might not be enough to remove all pet hair and dirt—better hire professional cleaners to deep clean your home and wash out all rugs, carpets, and floors.

Doing this ensures that there’s no trace of pet dander in your home because some buyers might be allergic.

Remove all stains.

Remove mysterious stains from the floor and walls—hire a professional to remove them if they’ve been there for a long time. But if all else fails, consider replacing the flooring or try hiding them with strategically-placed rugs.

Repair all damage.

If possible, repair claw marks on doors, door frames, wooden floors and cabinets. Repaint doors and frames, sand down floors and cabinets. Even though it may seem like the new owner’s responsibility, you need to make sure that your home looks its best to sell it fast and at a high price.

Landscaping can help your backyard.

If you have an overly energetic dog that loves causing a ruckus in the backyard, it might be best to enlist the help of a landscaper. Take stock of the damages and make sure that it’s repaired. Remember that a well-maintained yard shows potential buyers that you take care of your home well.

Hide them away for the time being.

If your budget is tight or you’re too attached to your pet, you can hide them away in your property. While inspections or open homes are going on, you can put your pets away temporarily where buyers can’t see them. Cats can be put into a carrier in short periods of time while dogs could be in a crate or tied in the backyard.

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These tips can help you sell your home faster while keeping your pet close to you. May your home selling adventure be in your favour!

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