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I’ve been in the Real Estate industry for 15 years, and spent the last 5 as the Principal Agent at Ray White Holland Park. My goal is to help people move into a better position in life through real estate development & investments!

How to Style Your Home for a Winning Sale

How to Style Your Home for a Winning Sale

When it comes to selling real estate, first impressions count. Buyers make up their mind about a property within seconds, and it's important to make your home shine! Here are five tips on how to style your home so you can increase your chances of a winning sale.


1. Declutter

First step - remove what's not needed. Simplify the space and make it feel more open, as well as removing any personal belongings or family photos which will allow the buyer to imagine their life in your home, not yours.

Also - remove any smells and scents that could be off putting like rubbish, pets and overly-powerful candles.


2. Leverage Key Rooms

Focus your energy on making the key rooms amazing. For example kitchen is crucial and needs to be clean, open and inviting. It can be a good idea to add in a coffee machine or a bowl of fruit, along with a small cookbook to make it simple but homely.  


3. Hire Furniture.

Homeowners can sometimes be reluctant to hire furniture as on the surface it may seem 'unnecessary', but I can tell you from experience that it has a positive impact. Remember - it's all about that first impression. When someone walks in to a beautiful room with new furniture, it creates the 'wow' factor you want them to have.


4. Consider Fresh Paint

Depending on your home and situation, a new coat of paint could be a great idea. Fresh paint instantly makes the room feel new and vibrant, and also brings more attention to the furniture and artwork. Use neutral colours like white and beige to keep it modern and crisp.


5. Get Some Flowers

Flowers and greenery add life and freshness to the room, and will also look great for your photography. Combined with a nice open room and natural light - that's a winner! Make the home vibrant with some flowers. 


If you do these 5 things, your home will be looking so good you might not even want to sell it! Make a great first impression and style your home for success, to attract and convince buyers. If you'd like a hand implementing the above steps or you want to discuss how to capitalise on your investment, give me a call today on 0402 909 727  and I look forward to hearing from you.

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